Thursday, 11 November 2010

Two minutes of instant peace - not just today, but anytime

We think this is a wonderful way to access a bit of peace in your life - anytime, not just on Armistice Day (traditionally the moment for a 2-minute silence, at 11 a.m. today on the 11/11).  It's an MP3 track of - well, silence.  Anytime you're feeling overwrought or over-stressed, you can click on this and it's like an instant meditation:  two minutes of silence, not only to remember the fallen (as you might today), but to count your blessings and simply step off the carousel of life to tune into 120 seconds of tranquility. There's also a moving video to accompany it, in which famous faces - think:  Bryan Ferry, Andy Murray, David Cameron - are interspersed with those who've been helped by the Royal British Legion, including a proud Chelsea Pensioner.  (It was shot by fashion photographer Matthew Donaldson - model Lily Donaldson's dad, who happens to be an old beau of Jo's...!)  For a YouTube preview, click here.  If enough people download this it could even get into the charts for Remembrance Sunday.  Take that, Take That.

Find the Royal British Legion 2 Minute silence track in iTunes, with the donation going to The Royal British Legion, or click here to buy it from the Legion's own site.

PS  Do observe the #notweet11AM with Twitter, which asks for two minutes of non-tweeting at 11 a.m.  We promise to.