Monday, 1 November 2010

Remember it's World Vegan Day

Do we ever really need an excuse to feature a cute white rabbit on this site...?  But today (1st November) does happen to be World Vegan Day - the first day of World Vegan Month - which certainly justifies a mention (and aaaah-worthy photo).  We doubt there's a Beauty Bible follower out there who doesn't have strong feelings against animal testing, but vegan cosmetics take that to the next level, avoiding totally the use of animal-derived ingredients in products (even beeswax or honey).  Our tip for tracking these down is to look for the Vegan Society logo, or use the Animal Free Shopper Search on their website (you key in a product category and it comes up with a list of approved brands that fit the bill).  Meanwhile, you might also like to know that 75% of Lush's range is vegan, as are many of Green People's products - and Lavera's too.  A brand that's 100% vegan is the new high-performing haircare brand Pureology, which is available from an increasing number of salons.

And no, we're certainly not ashamed to be bunny-lovers.