Friday, 12 November 2010

A golden (flower) moment

We are always keen that beauty companies give back, while they're making us more lovely.  So we're very happy about Chanel's initiative, working with their ethnobotanist Xavier Ormancey, to catalogue all the native plants in a far-flung region of Ladakh (in Northern India).  It's part of Chanel's involvement in an active programme to ensure that the traditional 'Amchi' medicines (which this community has relied on for centuries) is maintained for future generations.  Why Ladakh?  Well, it just so happens the region is also a source for a VIP 'golden flower' - a key ingredient in their new exquisitely-scented Sublimage Serum, which makes their support of the Ladakh Society for Traditional Medicine a rather good 'fit'.  Chanel asked Jo - who's got a bit of an interest in Corporate Social Responsibility (having launched the UK's first Fairtrade-marked chocolate, Green & Black's), if she'd comment on their initiative for a wee movie they've made about Ladakh, the golden flower, and Sublimage Serum.

And we thought you might like to see the vodcast here.  (You even get a glimpse of Jo's greenhouse!)