Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A day for sitting down with a nice cuppa

We don't need much of an excuse to put the kettle on, frankly.  Beauty Bible is pretty much fuelled by tea.  But as temperatures plummet, we have a new, warming-in-every-way favourite that we just have to share with you - from the Rare Tea Co., founded by 'Tea Lady' Henrietta Lovell.  (Who we met last week at a very exclusive tea party for some hush-hush upcoming Jo Malone fragrances).   The packaging's great.  The teas are divine, the very best quality and bought at fair prices from tea-farmers - everything from antioxidant-packed Silver Tip White Tea through to this one:  a serious black tea, of the kind that helped Britain win two World Wars, basically.  As Henrietta puts it, Royal Air Force Tea is 'Calming in times of national peril, and fortifying when courage is required.'  (Not bad, either, when you're hurtling towards a book deadline.)   RAF Tea can be found at Sainsbury's right now (you'll have to look on the top shelf where it's inexplicably been stacked), as well as The Rare Tea Co.'s own website, and makes a wonderful gift for anyone who lived through World War II - or who simply loves a good cuppa.  Which definitely includes us.  (The cuppa bit, not the Battle of Britain/Blitz bit.)

PS  10% of the sale of each tin - £5 for 50 g on Henrietta's website (slightly less at Sainsbury's as is their wont) - is divvied up between the RAF Association Wings Appeal and the RAF Museum.