Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Minimalist wisdom from Laura Mercier

We couldn't agree more with this nugget from Laura Mercier, someone we've spent a lot of time with over the years (and someone we have a lot of time for...)
     Why, just this weekend, we were trawling through yet more rubbishy YouTube make-up videos, transfixed as a teen 'expert' smothered her whole face (every last pore!) with lavishly brushed-on foundation.
     Laura's wisdom, by contrast, is (as above):  that each of us should only use what we need.  Which means, in terms of foundation:  just a touch of base, judiciously applied on - say - redness, dark circles, uneven patches.  (Or Laura's legendary, bestselling Secret Camouflage concealer, if extra coverage is needed...)
     Now as it happens, each Sunday, a bulletin from The Urban Retreat Beautique plops into our inbox.  And this last edition featured a lovely interview with Laura about her fave raves.  If you click here, you can discover her favourite Sunday lunch spot, top health tip - and what's inside her handbag.
     Which turns out to be surprisingly little.
     But then, as Laura says, less is often more...

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