Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A beautiful mess...

How does your make-up drawer look...?
     Go on, be truthful.
     We have to admit there are times we're very glad The Make-Up Police hasn't descended on us lately.
     Spring, of course, is  the perfect time of year for a cosmetics clear-out.  And we wanted to share with you how one funky young woman organises her make-up drawer:  with empty berry boxes, and pretty pastel cups.
     It obeys the Law of Perfect Organisation:  like with like.
     And we'll bet it didn't cost the author of The Beautiful Mess blog, Elsie Larson, a penny.
     Just a rainy Saturday afternoon, maybe.
     For more rainy Saturday afternoon projects, do check out Elsie's blog, devoted to 'Pretty things to make and wear'.  It may be targeted at women a fraction of our age, but it's a cheerful, enchanting read.
     And it's certainly inspired us to roll up our sleeves and organise our lipsticks.  Which can only be a good thing.

For The Beautiful Mess, click here

PS  If you think we're having a bloggy moment this week, just you wait till next week...!