Thursday, 2 December 2010

Hell on heels...?

We love a high heel as much as the next woman.  But we have to admit that when we saw these shoes by sportswear sandal brand Teva (for L.A. fashion house Grey Ant), we thought they were a practical joke. Turns out not.  Now, we are not about to go climbing Kilimanjaro in heels.  But despite the rugged outdoorsy styling seen here, we have a hunch that the Teva heels - which are currently only available in the US (doh!) - would probably be seriously comfortable when spending hours on your feet clutching a cocktail glass at a Christmas party.  Or pounding the pavements of the concrete jungle looking for a black cab, afterwards.

Just one style tip, from Beauty Bible:  maybe kill the woolly socks, OK? (Although then again, on second thoughts, in this weather, maybe not...)