Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Enter Cleopatra's Boudoir

We've always had a 'thing' for vintage perfumes and perfume bottles (though not quite in the league of our friend Roja Dove and his world-class flacon collection).  So on our peregrinations through cyberspace we were pleased to stumble across a US website - Cleopatra's Boudoir - which focusses on old bottles, the websites where you can find them, discontinued scents (how we long to have smelled Bonne Belle's Gadabouts, Lundborg's Stolen Secret or Atkinson's A Nosegay, for instance...) - and also features a blog about the author's fragrant vintage 'finds'.  (Recent postings include Cobra by Weil, FabergĂ©'s Straw Hat, or - oh, an old chypre favourite of Jo's, this - Sikkim, which was briefly revived by LancĂ´me about five years ago, but then disappeared once again into the ether.)  We say:  this Temple to Ancient Perfumes is a must-have addition to the blog-roll for any fragrance fiend.