Monday, 20 December 2010

Have a dekko at Occo in the City

Occo's one of our favourite new brands of 2010:  inspired by Dalmatia, on the Adriatic coast, and scented to conjure up the region - salt breezes, lush grapes and figs, aromatic wild flowers, etc.  The range is vast, but we've yet to find a product we didn't warm to.  (Special favourite:  Motovun No. 3 Deep Forest, all cypress, cedarwood and a hefty grind of black pepper.  Not a little Christmas-tree-esque, as it happens.)  Most products are around 98% natural - and for now, you can find the entire Occo line showcased in the City, at the store above - it's at 18 Royal Exchange, EC3V 3LL.  A little corner of London that is forever Dalmatia.  (Or rather, a little corner of London that is Dalmatia until the end of December, when this pop-up closes its doors.)