Monday, 27 September 2010

The prettiest li'l App we ever did see...

Thanks to India Knight (whose Posterous blog we just l-u-r-v-e) for steering us in the direction of this nifty little iPhone App.  What's it got to do with beauty?  Well, it's beautiful, that's what!  With a choice of incredibly pretty images and space for a short message, you can use it to send personalised invitations to friends via text or e-mail, or messages of love/support/thanks.  Cartolina is priced £1.79 at the App Store, and has a useful little built-in calendar which pops up to remind you your friend's birthdays/anniversaries etc. (Which qualifies it as a stress-buster, in our book:  no more angst-ing over not getting to the postbox in time to slip a card in the mail.  One of these is definitely just as lovely...)

PS  India's Tweets are as funny as her books;  follow her @indiaknight.  (And of course follow us @Beauty_Bible)!