Tuesday, 7 September 2010

And if you happen to be in Harrods...

...  Don't miss the exhibition of Estée Lauder fragrance and powder compacts, showcasing many of the most collectible limited editions they've issued over the years.  It's the kick-off for the celebrations marking 50 years of Lauder at Harrods (London was the first city outside the States 'colonised' by Mrs. Lauder, and Harrods was the debut stockist here...)  The fourth floor gallery (you can double up with a visit to The Perfume Diaries) features these miniature versions of the Harrods' teddy - and Beauty Bible is reliably informed that the folks at Lauder are let in on each year's top secret design even before staff at the shop, so they can get the matching teddy compact designed!  (PS  There's an iPod commentary, as you walk around...)

The Estée Lauder Jewelled Compact Exhibition runs at Harrods from 2nd September until 2nd October 2010.