Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Who ya gonna call? Stressbusters...

Who wouldn't like less stress in their life?  (The bad, nerves-on-edge frazzlement type, anyway.  Not the just-stressed-enough-to-get-you-out-of-bed-and-greet-the-world-with-tons-of-energy 'good' type of stress.)  Well, today, we thought we'd share a little stress-busting wisdom from the Stress Management Society, who regularly ping de-stressing tips into our mailbox (and you can sign up here, too).  We rather like their latest, for instance:  'If you're feeling stressed today, here's a simple tip that could help.  Make your excuses and leave for 10 minutes.  Look up at the sky and take a few deep breaths;  watch the clouds;  search for birds and follow them as they fly and land;  feel the wind or sun on your face;  count the planes;  shut your eyes and listen.  Almost immediately, your heart rate will be lower and your body will be recovering from the stress back in your house at office.  Changing your perspective like this helps you remember that your stress is not the only thing in your life.  It gets you away from the stressful situation.  And now when you return (yes, you do have to go back!), you've reset your internal system to "neutral" and be better able to cope.'

Now, forgive us while we make our excuses and go look at some clouds.