Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Charles Worthington goes logo

Oops. Must be the weather. When Beauty Bible lunched with uberhairdresser Charles Worthington the other day, we completely forgot to take a photo of him for the blog looking tanned and totally St. Tropez, where he's summering in his villa. As you do, when you've sold your haircare company for - well, let's just say lots. However, control-freak-in-a-good-way that he is, Charles is still extremely hands-on with his range (and his salons), and is rightly rather proud of the new packaging for the Charles Worthington products, which grew out of a logo he designed himself. (Put that in your pipe, expensive design agencies.) With soft pastels, silver caps and a very classy CW monogram, we'd say they're rather Ralph Lauren, actually, and would elegantly grace any bath or shower room. (It hits the stores any day now, in September.) Note: like an inreasing number of hair brands, the range incorporates a collection - Time Defy - for ageing hair, which is currently the coiffure world's Big Thing. Now there are so many high-tech solutions for lines, wrinkles and age spots, beauty's turning its attention to our ageing follicles, for which anyone over 40 should be grateful. So: gold star all round, Charles. And enjoy the rest of your St. Trop summer. (Jealous, us...?)