Sunday, 29 August 2010

Follow your nose to Avery Fine Perfumery

Although Beauty Bible did succumb to temptation and nip into Avery Fine Perfumery a couple of weeks back incognito, this week was the first chance we had to wallow in all its fragrant temptations: a long session of spritzing and zooshing, an olfactory meander through niche-but-noteworthy fragrance brands (many only available at this location, in the UK).  The brainchild of Celso Fadelli, an Italian distributor, London’s been chosen as the flagship of what he plans to be a global chain of ‘cult’ perfumeries.  (The second is in the former Manhattan nightclub Limelight.  Ah, those were the days…)  What you'll find:  Hype Noses candles (pictured below – we especially like woodsmoke-y Chemin√©e), which have wooden wicks that crackle softly in the background.  On the scent front, there’s Esteban, from Paris, sun-drenched Carthusia fragrances from Capri (the world’s oldest fragrance house), husband-and-wife team Nez √† Nez, Boellis (a stunning men's cologne from a Naples barbershop…)  Jo is looking forward to getting her hands (or more precisely her wrists) on a shortlist of some of these truly extraordinary fragrances to review in depth on - but meanwhile, if you’re anywhere near Bond Street, follow your nose (and our example) and let your sense of smell revel in one of the most spectacular selections of under-the-radar scents anywhere on the planet.  

Avery Fine Perfumery,  27 Avery Row, Mayfair, London W1K 4AY