Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Simply the Bess

Just occasionally, there are times in a beauty editor's life when we want to go home, ditch our entire make-up kit and start over. It happened to Beauty Bible when Bobbi Brown appeared on the scene, and then Laura Mercier. Slightly more recently, we fell in love with Paul & Joe's 'boudoir chic' (though to be honest, that was more a packaging romance). But Edward Bess's fabulous make-up collection - just landing here at - right now has us coming over all unfaithful to our usual kit-bag 'loves'. Now, Edward himself may look like he had to take a couple of days off school to sweep into London to unveil his signature line ('don't tell my parents I'm here,' he jokes), but actually he's 24. What does a 24-year-old know about make-up...? Well, trust us: A LOT. The colours - all utterly perfect neutrals - are among the most wearable we've seen. The textures are to die for. (And if Jo doesn't get the compact foundation in Light soon, she may throw a tanty. Ditto the Ultra Slick Lipstick in Night Romance. Meanwhile the one must-have product that every woman needs to own is All Over Seduction, which - applied to the bridge of the nose, or the inner corner of the eye - makes you look lit from within. That is truly the only way to describe it...) Sure, the prices are somewhat luxe, too (starting at £20 for Definining Eye Liner) - but the quality really is stunning: not just the textures themselves, but the slick and weighty black packaging, with its Helvetica logo. 'I've just always had a very strong sense of how women should look,' explains Edward, whose glamorous grandma used to sleep in her red lipstick, and who refined his vision on countless fashion shoots during a successful career as a model between his time at Manhattan's School of Performing Arts, and launching his make-up line two years ago. (At Bergdorf Goodman, where this prodigy of prettification is regularly to be found behind his own counter.) Our prediction is that Edward Bess is going to become A Very Big Thing (and not just in OUR make-up bags). And we couldn't be happier for this refeshing, Charleston-born boy - with his characteristic Southern charm... So: go, Edward! And give Laura and Bobbi a run for their money...!