Monday, 5 July 2010

Find your perfect scent - with iPerfumer

As you may know, we're pretty iPhone App-tastic at, after we launched our own very successful Beauty Steals App about six weeks ago. We're very happy with the rave reviews for that App - but to be honest there's a lot out there that's not worth the screen it's displayed on (if you get our drift). Still, a couple of days ago we went to the launch of iPerfumer - and this free App from Givaudon (being demo-ed here on a giant screen by Sid Shah, their resident internet whizz) is definitely worth downloading, if you're looking to make a scent-change. Fact: finding a new perfume is always a challenge - especially if you're shopping via the internet. (And in a store, you pretty soon run out of wrist-space.) So with a few swipes of a finger, by inputting the fragrances you already love, iPerfumer will tell you which of over 4,000 fragrances listed you may also enjoy the most. It works best, we think, as a short-cut - so that you can then try those fragrances out in person, and experience how they develop on your own skin. But we applaud the fact that Givaudon - a fragrance creation house - have included thousands of fragrances which they didn't create (as well as many they have), so that it is truly independent. As yet, you can't buy on-line via the App because it's international, and would need to be tailored to individual countries to make that feature work. (Which we have done with Beauty Steals for the UK.) You can, meanwhile, download it at the iTunes Store. Frankly, we can't remember life before our iPhones (how did we ever find out the time of a train, or what's on at the movies, or which restaurant within 100 yards is worth checking out...?) And iPerfumer is just one more reason why hand-helds are becoming so indispensable, helping us all to make smarter choices in a world overloaded with information - in beauty, perfume, just about everything.