Monday, 19 July 2010

Lipsmackingly gorgeous

Meet Kirsten Lanolips. Well, that's not her real name - actually it's Kirsten Carriol - but maybe she should think of changing her name, because it's what everyone's calling this balm-shell. Yes, balm-shell - because Kirsten's mission is to reintroduce the world to lanolin. Having holidayed as a child on her grandparents' farm surrounded by gazillions of sheep in South Australia, Kirsten was familiar with lanolin's powers (and her molecular biologist father insisted on using nothing else on his kids' skins). And indeed, medical-grade lanolin is even used in burns units, as the ultimate skin-soother and barrier, as well as in nipple products and for 'compromised' skins with eczema and psoriasis. But then - quite erroneously - lanolin got itself a bad name (as a potential irritant), based on some bad science. Ever since then, true skin experts - including Dr. Albert Kligman (creator of Retin-A) no less - have been trying to set the record straight. Because lanolin, actually, is amazingly moisturising and skin-nurturing, able to hold 200% of its own weight in water, which is why it's been used in skincare since at least 700BC. And - thanks to Lanolips™, Kirsten's capsule range - we're all poised to rediscover its marvels. Landing in the UK from Down Under in early September are the products: a fabulous Rose Balm for Very Dry Hands & Nails, Lanolips™ 101 Ointment (think of it as the natural alternative to Eight Hour Cream), and - our very favourites - the Lanolips™ Lip Ointment With Colour: gorgeous shades of glossy, vitamin-E enriched balms which (you've got to trust us on this) can be applied last thing at night and will still be there in the a.m. Only by then your lips will be much, MUCH softer. Best of all, the sheer, glossy balms are tinted - we like juicy red Apple and pretty deep pink Rhubarb - and feature a useful SPF15. So: read our (lovely soft) lips: you're going to be hearing a lot more about Kirsten Lanolips, and her balm-y army of beauty saviours.
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