Monday, 15 March 2010

The red carpet goes tan-tastic

Did you notice that this year's Oscar contenders were looking particularly 'healthy'? The reason: St. Tropez's hit squad of self-tanners hit the ground running in Hollywood, and each of the team fake-tanned as many as 40 celebrities before their red carpet moments. We know you're all gagging to know just who. Well, sadly, lovely Nicola Joss - ├╝ber-beauty therapist (pictured - she's the one wearing clothes) - was silenced by the confidentiality agreement she'd signed. But when we caught up with her fresh from Tinseltown, Nicola did unbutton her lip to show us St. Tropez's latest innovations: an ultra-dark tan, plus shimmering 'highlighters' (one almost blue-tinted, one - launching soon - suffused with gold). These are being used to create 'definition' on the body, accenting some areas. And increasingly, self-tanning's being used to create the illusion of slimness. (Think 'contouring' - like you do to the face - but for the body.) Possibly not to be tried at home unless yo're really skilled, but luckily St. Tropez are opening more and more 'booths' and salons, around this less-than-sunny land, to 'sculpt' you for the bikini season. Which - trust us - really will arrive, sometime this year.

Beauty Bible Blogtip: 'After you've applied St. Tropez - or had it applied to you - you've got two hours to shower it off before the colour "takes"', explains Nicola. So: if you have a change of heart and decide that pale is interesting after all, it's not too late to un-tan your suntan. (PS We suggest you also look out for Tan Detox, St. Tropez's new bath oil designed to remove unwanted self-tan build-up. Yes, bath oil. You read that right. Clever, or what?)