Saturday, 6 March 2010


We've just been to quite the prettiest fragrance launch of 2010 so far. Take one majestic Georgian house in Fitzroy Square (which conveniently happened to have walls of perfect Dior grey). Add the kind of rose-and-jasmine strewn flower bower that any bride fantasises of being married inside. Accesorise with one huge blow-up of a crazily flowertastic advertisement, snapped by photographer Tim Walker (we rather fancy dead-heading in a rose-strewn hat like the model's). Then in the background, run a delectable commercial by Sofia Coppola set in summertime Paris. You know you're being lined up to smell something very lovely indeed - and Miss Dior Chérie certainly doesn't disappoint, with its blood orange and neroli, Turkish rose and gardenia, jasmine and ylang-ylang floatiy-freshness, a lovely twist on the legendary Miss Dior original. On 2nd April you'll be able to discover it for yourself, but meanwhile, it has definitely filled a couple of fragranceaholic beauty editors with the belated joys of spring.