Friday, 19 March 2010

10 HairRaising reasons to buy YOU Mag on Sunday

Whatever you do, make sure you don't miss this Sunday's YOU Mag (in the Mail on Sunday) - because you'll have the chance to win a session with one of the 10 hair stars pictured here (rather grainily, by Jo): Richard Ward, Charles Worthington, Kerry Warn (he 'does' Nicole Kidman among other stars), Lee Stafford, James Brown, Louise Galvin, Errol Douglas, Trevor Sorbie, John Frieda. (A rarer-than-hen's-teeth opportunity because these days, John only cuts his own kids' hair.) It's all in a great cause: you'll be able to text to enter the draw for your chosen stylist, and the money raised will go to HairRaising, the wonderful charity our friend Mr. Frieda's set up to fund a new operating theatre at Great Ormond Street, with amazing support from the hair industry - and, we hope, you. (Noticed any of the 'hair greats' missing from this line-up? You got it: Nicky Clarke. Who turned up shortly after this photo was taken, 48 minutes better-late-than-never, to a huge round of applause. And yes, you can win a session with Nicky, too. Just don't expect him to turn up with his scissors on time!)

For more HairRaising info and to get your local salon joining in, see YOU Mag - and visit: