Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Talking ‘bout an Evolution…

Laura Rudoe has two babies. One is Oliver, 18 weeks (being flashed by Laura proudly here on her phone). The other is Evolve, which has had a year’s gestation: an Ecocert-certified, reasonably-priced organic beauty brand that is just being unveiled in John Lewis and on Ocado. (Nothing's over fifteen quid and most items are priced at £9.99.) Laura – who previously worked on the Nude brand – has come up with a capsule collection of botanical skincare essentials, and Beauty Bible is especially taken with the packaging (created from recycled milk bottles), which sets a new standard while not compromising on chic. Pretty smells and nice textures, too. (And as for performance, we’ll be sending some of Evolve’s ‘hero’ products to our Tried & Tested panellists. So stay tuned.)