Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Ark sets sail…

We’re not quite sure why Ark (which already has three salons in West London) has failed to get on our beauty radar till now, but the new sleek white location in Kensington High Street has changed all that. The concept: three targeted ‘generations’ of skincare (whose ‘faces’ are actually the founder, Shula Starkey, plus her twentysomething younger sister and her Mum). Simple and no-nonsense (you can forget harsh scrubs or bamboozling hype), there are just four products in each capsule Ark collection – plus targeted SkinResponse serums (think: Antioxidant, Radiance, Anti-Redness, for additional problem-solving. The range has been created with input from naturopath and stress expert Dr. Penny Kendall-Reed alongside Reiki Master Shula herself – and their ‘holistic’ thinking shaped the Ark treatment philosophy, too, which is blown up on a mirror above the staircase leading to the two subterranean treatment rooms: ‘We believe in the wellbeing of our clients, encouraging them to develop their natural health and beauty. Our professional treatments and products take a holistic and hygienic approach ensuring service and excellence in all we do.’

Ark Age Aware Skincare, 26 Kensington Church Street, London W8 4EP/020-7938 1898.