Thursday, 15 October 2009

Made in Australia (and made of Australia)

Mineral make-up dynamo Miranda Bond – creator of the Inika range (which our testers for The Green Beauty Bible really liked) - swept into London recently to show off some of her latest creations, whisking through town as speedily as a kabuki brush over a supermodel’s cheek. When she unveiled the new Inika launches (say it ‘In-eek-a’), our immediate thought was: baby, has natural make-up come a long way. Miranda always boasts that Inika’s ‘made OF Australia’ – because the pure pigments are mined in the brand’s home territory. But now Inika has expanded to include some truly sophisticated textures and finishes that rival ‘conventional’ make-up. (Oh, and the packaging’s been sexed-up, too – a sort of velvety-finish black, so that the whole range now feels very eco-luxe). Beauty Bible is especially loving the Certified Organic Pure Primer – the perfect canvas for mineral make-up, and looking forward to next year’s launch of a foundation which in our opinion is the best all-natural option we’ve seen. So if you ask us, Inika rocks. (In every way.)

Beauty Bible Blogtip from Miranda Bond: ‘Mineral make-up is fantastic for evening out skintone – but if you have broken veins or a spot, instead of continuing to layer on the make-up with a brush, take your finger, dip it in the mineral powder and press onto the imperfection. It works like concealer.’