Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Clap hands if you want more hair!

Every so often, Beauty Bible is present at the start of a true beauty revolution. So it was when we watched international hair superstar Ed Moelands demo Sebastian Professional’s Elastic Texturiser on a fine-haired blonde model. Now, we’ve seen plenty of hair volumising products. But this is absolutely bizarre – and unbelievably effective. The deal is this: Elastic Texturiser starts out a bit sticky and gummy. Then you work it into hair, clap your hands together (yes, you read that right), and the most extraordinary thing happens: tiny microweb fibres start puffing out of nowhere, fluffing up hair and boosting hair volume to a staggering degree – a bit like making candy floss, but in a silky, touchable way. As Ed (whose work has been showcased in all the Vogues, i-D, Gloss and Elle) observes: ‘In the past, when models with limp hair arrive on a shoot, we’d start reaching for extensions and get glueing, or use tons of mousse and a blow-dryer. I’m so excited because with this, you simply clap your hands, et voilĂ : three minutes later you have amazing volume.’ The downside: you’re going to have to wait till October-ish for Elastic Texturiser, when it’ll go on sale at Sebastian salons. We predict this won’t just be a hit with anyone wanting catwalk-style ‘bed hair’, but women with genuinely thin hair who want extra oomph. Be prepared for a stampede.