Sunday, 26 July 2009

Powerberry to the people!

Innovations from Neal’s Yard Remedies always get our beauty editor juices flowing, so we went along as fast as our Manolos (well, Eccos, actually) would carry us to The Future Laboratory in Covent Garden on Thursday for the unveiling of their new Power Berry collection. We’re often asked to recommend products for younger skins and in future, won’t hesitate to point teens in the direction of this capsule range: Power Berry Facial Wash, Daily Moisture and Facial Mask (which has a completely unique jelly-like texture - and just because we’re the wrong side of - er - 40, don’t think that’s going to stop us using it). Lots of organic ingredients (from 76-93% - we like Neal’s Yard’s honesty), and packed with antioxidants from the power berries themselves: acai, goji, bilberry and rosehip. Exciting stuff (and we predict that berries like these are going to be Big Beauty News). But a sad day for Neal’s Yard, saying goodbye to their great ambassador Simon Ford - pictured here looking like a dashing tango dancer! (Watch this space, because he’ll be back on the beauty radar soon.)