Friday, 18 May 2012

We're sure you wish Sarah every happiness...

The weekend has almost arrived.
     And tomorrow afternoon, what Jo and our friend Gill Sinclair at Victoria Health labelled Sarah's 'Big Fat Horsey Wedding' takes place.  
     Not unsurprisingly, Sarah's got better things to do than upload blog postings, so Jo and Amy have sneaked this one in.
     Along with a photo of what we're guessing the bridesmaids will be wearing. (We found it on our new social network guilty pleasure, Pinterest.  Also known as:  how to fritter away the rest of your life in a truly pleasurable, albeit entirely shallow, way...)
     So we'd just like to wish Sarah and Alex every happiness, from the rest of the Beauty Bible team.
     You so deserve it!
     And yes, we've packed hankies.  
     Er, and pony nuts...