Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Thanks, waitress - and here's an extra fiver...

Another reason for finding your perfect red lipstick...
     Sarah just stumbled across a study (published in the International Journal of Hospitality Management and carried out by the University de Bretagne-Sud) which reveals that waitresses who wore red lipstick encouraged bigger tips from male patrons.  (Though not from females - surprise, surprise...!)
     Sounds sexist.  Maybe a bit controversial, too.
     But since red lipstick is all about enhancing a secondary sexual characteristic (the lips themselves), it's probably just hard-wired into men's DNA, in some way.  
     Fascinating, whatever.  And a good opportunity for us to share our favourite-ever red-lipstick-selection secret.  Which is to try shades on the pads on the inside of the fingertips, since they're are closest in colour to the lips themselves.
     So:  thanks to Mary Greenwell, for the kind of red lipstick tip everyone - not just waitresses - can take advantage of...!