Friday, 23 September 2011

Sex And The Countryside

So, this is where SJP goes to kick off her Manolos, at the weekend.  A little bit of blue-and-white paradise, the latest in the Beauty Bible Blog's series of perfect pampering places.
     We're taken with the rolling vanity unit.
     Love the butterflies.  Can't quite tell from the photo - which appeared in the US's Elle Decor mag (you can find it here on spiffy newsstands)  if they're vintage, or Damien Hirst-esque.
     Adore the tongue-and-groove walls. (Genius for swiftly covering a multitude of sins, tongue-and-groove:  you can even batten it over the pig-ugliest tiles.)
     But the stroke of genius, for us, is the his 'n' her milking pails, in place of waste baskets.
     She always did have style, that Miss Parker.