Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Kate Spade is about to pop up in London...

At Beauty Bible we're big fans of Kate Spade.  (In fact, we still feel wistful that her beautiful honeysuckle-based signature fragrance didn't have a longer life.)  Lovely luggage, sensational sunspecs, elegant stationery (and marvellous make-up bags, within the handbag range - the black patent ones are seriously covetable.  Oh, and don't get us started on Kate Spade shoes...)  So:  we couldn't be happier that Kate Spade will be popping up in Covent Garden tomorrow (a little corner of London that's seriously hip again now Apple's taken a bite out of the Piazza).  We'll be popping in ourselves from tomorrow.  In fact, looking at this beautiful artist's rendering we might just move right in.  (Though we'll have to move right out again when it closes on 10th November.)

Kate Spade, 7 Henrietta Street, London WC2E 8PW