Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Beauty's new peacnik

There's a new name on the natural cosmetics block:  Davina Peace.  If you ask us, repeating her name as a mantra is pretty sense-calming in itself.  ('Peace, peace, peace...')  But this ex-Saatchi dynamo - who's so passionate about organic living - has just launched a super-stylish signature range of candles and Soil Association-certified bodycare, which combines luxe with heavenly aromatherapeutic scents and eco-ethics.  Many hoops have been jumped through by Davina - a self-confessed perfectionist - to create sustainable packaging, too, right down to the organic cotton ribbon round the boxes.  We're re-using the fab, graphic gift box to stash clutter in the Beauty Bible office, and once our porcelain Ecosoya candles have snuffed their last - currently, we're into White Flowers No. 1 - they'll be perfect for spring posies.  The range - which lands in Harrods on 1st November and is already on her website, see below - spans Hand Cream, Body Oil and Body Cream at present, plus those candles:  all deeply luxurious, with a serious pleasure factor.  And next year there'll be skincare.  (Cue panting sounds from Beauty Bible office.  Well, we always were a couple of greenies.)

The world needs eco-heroines like Davina Peace.  So:  more power to her beautifully-moisturised, exquisitely fragrant elbow.