Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Our perfume of the year (so far)

And what's more, we are about to tantalise you - because you're not going to be able to get your hands on it till 25th September, when the Diaghilev exhibition opens at the V & A. Our friend and professeur de parfums Roja Dove, it turns out, has been commissioned to create a fragrance to mark the exhibition - but this is much, much more than a souvenir of a show. We think it could go on to become a global fragrance sensation. (Especially with Mitsouko-lovers like us.) Rich and as cocooning as a cashmere wrap, Diaghilev is a 'chypre' - the most sophisticated and grown-up of fragrance categories. It's warm. It's utterly, utterly delicious, with a ripe peachiness. (And it's so sexy that we'll confess: one of our glamorous beauty editor freinds almost made a pass, when getting within sniffing distance.) Love the Art Deco bottle, too, with its black silk poire (the spritzy bit), which taps into the deco mood of the show. After Diaghilev closes, the fragrance will continue to be on sale at Roja's Haute Parfumerie atop Harrods. Technically a limited edition, we will both be stockpiling it in case it ever disappears again. Fragrance of the year? For us, it could be fragrance of the decade.

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