Monday, 16 November 2009

Beauty treatments to try before you die No. 2: an Emma Hardie facial

Ever fancied getting your face ‘ironed’? Emma Hardie’s your woman. Now, this isn’t a facial if you like layers of masks and wafty aromatherapy oils: this is the real, re-sculpting deal (and as such, pretty flipping brilliant for this time of year, as the mistletoe season looms). Here’s Emma – a darned good advertisement for her own skills – at The Hale Clinic, in London (where she regularly practices when in London), and where she recently demo-ed her ‘Sculpting Face Lift’ massage technique to us. It’s not sensual. It’s not even pleasurable, at times, as she works her magic on the underlying muscles, but the results are next-best-thing-to-Botox that Beauty Bible’s tried. (And actually, we don’t do Botox. List of reasons too long to feature here.) If you can’t book in for a one-on-face-firming-one with Emma, might like to know she’s offering Face Facts Workshops at Space NK Apothecary (for a £20 fee redeemable against purchase from the Emma Hardie Amazing Face skincare range, now on sale there). Be there. Or be – well, droopy.

Emma Hardie at The Hale Clinic, 7 Park Crescent, London W1B 1PF/020-7497 7377
Emma Hardie Face Facts Workshops at Space NK/01923-839505