Saturday, 15 August 2009

The real beauty secret of French women

As beauty editors, we really do practice what we preach. We are diligent about cleansing. We moisturise with religious devotion. And we glug water constantly. So when Jo got the day’s highest score for skin hydration - 34.3% - at a demo of their new on-counter skin analysis system by Darphin, she was entitled to feel the teensiest bit smug, especially as she’s twice the age of most of the other beauty eds. who pitched up. (NB This photo is of Jo’s skin, blown up to many times its actual size, on their computer.) Darphin had some lovely things to show us. 31 new treatments, to be launched later this year at their salons. Delectable new facial oils (we are LOVING 8-Flower Nectar) and a ‘Stimulskin’ serum regime, for twice-a-year skin-firming blitz. But what really fascinated us was talking to Darphin’s AurĂ©lie Doisneau, who works on this French brand (now owned by Lauder), about the beauty secrets of Frenchwomen. For instance: how long, Jo pondered, did AurĂ©lie spend on her evening cleanse/tone/moisturise regime? The smooth-skinned Darphin ambassador smiled. ‘Half an hour.’ (Which means there probably isn’t even a French word for ‘cleansing wipe’.) Now that’s devotion…!