Sunday, 16 May 2010

Coming this autumn - the bright stuff

We'll confess: we're a little scared of 'colour-blocking' (using really intensely-coloured make-up). But as slavish devotees of Lisa Eldridge, the savvy make-up pro pictured here (who's a consultant to No 7) we're prepared to give it a go. On Friday, at the vertigo-inducing Paramount venue (21st floor of Centrepoint - not for the faint-hearted), Lisa unveiled her creations for this autumn (as well as letting us in on a hush-hush top secret project that we'll share with you just as soon as she let us). We adored the smoky eyeliner so much we 'tweeted' about it live (you can follow us @Beauty_Bible). We are in raptures over the Exceptional Definition mascara, with its lash-gripping wand. And actually, even the purple shadow pictured here looks smokily pretty, if used on its own. We have a sneaking suspicion that this autumn's make-up watchwords might be: Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway. (Our advice: just use a light touch.)