Thursday, 3 September 2009

Sisters are doing it for themselves

Not so long ago, Lyndalouise Burrell (right) was a successful fashion stylist in New York, and her sister Jo was a high-flying recruitment consultant. Big life change: they decided to open a nail bar in Islington - but not just any nail bar. It’s one of the cleverest concepts we’ve seen in a long while, offering anything from a quick 15-minute repaint to a ‘build-your-own-manicure-or-pedicure’ option: in addition to the usual buff/scrub/polish, you can book callus removal, extra massage, a paraffin mask, etc., as an ‘add-on’, so you get exactly 100% the treatment you want. Tapping into Lynda’s fashion expertise, they’ve their own range of totally on-trend, less-toxic-than-most polishes (the blues and flesh tones are especially ‘now’), while the salon itself is super-stylish (think: silver pitchers for filling the pedicure basins, and a lipstick red rubber floor!) Our Jo had one of the best pedicures ever, leaving her feet softer than any baby’s derrière - and with shiny-new-car blue nails (see pic!). (She also learned a tip: clean any varnish smudges with the slimmest fine art paintbrush dipped in polish remover.) Truly, one of the best toe-jobs in town.

Find Nailgirls at 50 Cross Street, Islington, N1 2BA/020-7359 2772/