Friday, 13 February 2009

Scandinavian make-up boutique discovery

It’s really not often that Beauty Bible comes across a make-up store that’s not remotely been on our radar, but Stockholm’s Make Up Store is already all over Scandinavia, in Australia, Canada, even Vietnam. And - according to the make-up artist I spoke to there - there’s a whisper they’re coming to the UK. It’s a bit like M.A.C., but super-friendly and with products I’ve never seen anywhere, as well as a fabulous über-glossy magazine, ‘M’, packed with striking imagery and how-tos. Yesterday, on a flying visit to Stockholm (for Green & Black’s) I stocked up the beauty swag you can see here: an amazing shocking pink powder brush, 225 Krone (K11 = approx £1); tawny Crème Blush Duo (K165), tweezers in a really useful little zip-up pouch (so no more bent tweezers for me), a soft and flattering Old Rose lip pencil (K130), plus a sparkly red make-up bag (K175), which is very Dorothy’s-shoes-in-the-Wizard-of-Oz. Am now in Helsinki (if-it’s-Friday-it-must-be-Finland), and there’s another branch around the corner. The bank manager has been warned. So stay tuned: we’re on their radar now and will be first to tell you if those whispers about Make Up Store coming to Britain are true. Manicured fingers firmly crossed.