Monday, 15 November 2010

Feast your beady eyes on this

At Beauty Bible we're a bit of a family.  We're enormously proud of what our Beauty Bible 'alumni' have gone on to achieve, after they've left us:  lovely Liz Hancock (now Beauty Editor of Above, the eco-style magazine), Cluny Brown (graphic designer) and Rhian Hepple, who for years toiled away sending out parcels to testers, and helping us collate results for our books - and is now a jeweller, something she can juggle at home with bringing up Kai and Dylan.  So:  with Christmas approaching, we need to tell you about Rhian's Rhi-Vive beaded creations.  Rhian takes old and vintage beads to create new necklaces, bracelets, rings, even watchstraps.  Her website gives an example of them (not every photo does the jewels justice, trust us!), but Rhian can also create 'custom' pieces, commissioned in specific shades or finishes.  (She can also rework items to order - for instance if you have an allergy to a specific metal in a clasp).

All pretty and twinkly and sparkly and not expensive at all.  And almost as lovely as Rhian...