Wednesday, 5 October 2011

If we didn't look good, he didn't look good

Vidal Sassoon is a hair legend.
     Changed the world of hairdressing forever:  out with the perm, in with geometric cuts that were as swinging as London itself.
     We just (slightly belatedly) got around to watching Vidal Sassoon The Movie, and are reminded of his greatness.  For anyone who's interested in fashion, beauty and hair, it's a riveting must-watch, with wonderful footage and candid interviews with the coolest-ever crimper himself - whose catchphrase was:  'If you don't look good, we don't look good.'  (It's peppered with perspectives from his legion of high-profile fans, from Mary Quant to Grace Coddington via our mate Kathy Phillips.)
     Should be compulsory viewing in history classes, we'd say.
     Truly inspiring stuff...

PS  And can we add that we only hope we're as spry and sprightly as Vidal when we're in our eighties...?

Find it at the iTunes Store (where you can rent it or buy it for your iPad) by clicking here
Or buy it (trust us, it's one you'll watch again and again) from Amazon, by clicking here